JAN 17: Pack the Courtroom for Mumia

Join us Jan 17, 2018 to pack the courtroom for Mumia Abu-Jamal's legal hearing More »

International Call — December 9, 2017

A call to release the district attorney and police files relevant to Mumia Abu-Jamal's case and to free Abu-Jamal now. Please email infomumia@gmail.com with the subject line "International Letter for Mumia" More »

Save the Dates December 8 & 9, 2017

NYC Bus Reservations: Leave name, phone &email at infomumia@gmail.com or 917 584-2135 More »

Take Part in the New Legal Fight for Mumia’s Freedom

The order followed a recent landmark Supreme Court decision, Williams v. Pennsylvania, which ruled that judges must remove themselves from any case that they had a hand in prosecuting. What You Can More »

Thursday June 1:  Report Back Forum on the Recent Important Mumia Movement Victories and the 3-Day Historic MOVE Conference.

Pam Africa will give a report on the recent important victories for the Mumia Movement and Ramona Africa will speak on the 3-Day Historic MOVE Conference on May 5-7. More »

Report on Mumia’s PCRA Hearing on Challenge to Appeals based on Bias of former prosecutor, then Supreme Court Judge Ronald Castille, April 24, 2017

Great event yesterday! We did all we could, both legally and on the streets, to make sure the Judge's decision favors Mumia. As we wait for the Judge to announce his More »


Monday, April 24, pack the court to win Freedom for Mumia Abu-Jamal More »

Victory in giving Mumia the treatment he needed for Hepatitis C

Mumia received his first Harvoni pill the morning of April 6. More »


JAN 03 – The legal case for Mumia’s Hepatitis C medication

In January 2017, the legal fight over Mumia's Hepatitis C medicine intensified

DEC 09 – Don’t let them kill Mumia (Philadelphia Rally)

Hepatitis and unsafe water threaten all working people on the planet.

DEC 06 – Ramona Africa at the Schomburg

We almost lost Philadelphia

OCT 20 – Philadelphia City Council passes major resolution on water and health crisis in the prisons

Please share widely

SEPT 25 – Protest at Mahanoy & Frackville over poisoned water and Hep C crisis

Poisoned water and Hep C crisis in our prisons and communities

SEPT 12 – Mumia’s Life Matters – An Evening Dedicated to Human Rights

SEPT 12 - Join us at the International Action Center