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Save the Dates December 8 & 9, 2017

NYC Bus Reservations: Leave name, phone &email at or 917 584-2135

Thursday June 1:  Report Back Forum on the Recent Important Mumia Movement Victories and the 3-Day Historic MOVE Conference.

Pam Africa will give a report on the recent important victories for the Mumia Movement and Ramona Africa will speak on the 3-Day Historic MOVE Conference on May 5-7.

MOVE 9 member Phil Africa dies tragically at SCI-Dallas

Serious questions surrounding circumstances

Fantastic new photos of Mumia, Pam, Abdul, Michael, and Wadiya – Feb 2012

From recent trip to Frackville (February 2012)

Visit with Mumia and Photo-Op in General Population!

A description of a visit with of his first in general population.

Mumia’s First Visit in General Population

Ramona Africa updates the movement on Mumia's first visit since his transfer to General Population