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Victory in giving Mumia the treatment he needed for Hepatitis C

Mumia received his first Harvoni pill the morning of April 6.

OCT 20 – Philadelphia City Council passes major resolution on water and health crisis in the prisons

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SEPT 25 – Protest at Mahanoy & Frackville over poisoned water and Hep C crisis

Poisoned water and Hep C crisis in our prisons and communities


Report on the court hearing

Mumia Abu-Jamal files suit over prison’s refusal to provide medical care

Attorneys for political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal filed an amended lawsuit in the Middle District of Pennsylvania federal court to challenge prison medical staff’s denial of necessary medical treatment – denial that nearly killed Abu-Jamal earlier this year.

7/4/15 Update: MUMIA IN DANGER

Mumia is in medical danger and is not receiving the care he needs. TAKE ACTION.