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Leonard Peltier Writes on the Denial of his Parole

"I Am Barack Obama's Political Prisoner Now" - Leonard Peltier

Petition: Support Parole for the MOVE 9

FREE THE MOVE 9! Please visit:

Eddie Africa Denied Parole!

MOVE 9 Prisoner Eddie Africa was denied of parole...

Help Free The MOVE 9

Ona move to everyone reading this letter to key organizers around the issue of the MOVE 9 and their upcoming parole hearings in April. Much is needed right now in terms of support for the MOVE 9’s parole hearings. One

Leonard Peltier Assaulted!

Sisters and brothers: In order to file a complaint in the prison system, you need an ID # for the prisoner.  Leonard’s number is:   9637-132.  If you scroll down to the end of this message, you will see many more numbers to call or

Action Needed for Jamil Al-Amin

The number that has been provided to protest the placing of the Imam Jamil Abdullah Al Amin (the former H. Rap Brown) in “the hole” is the general prison number.  Insofar as our brother is in maximum security, the protest needs