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7/4/15 Update: MUMIA IN DANGER

Mumia is in medical danger and is not receiving the care he needs. TAKE ACTION.

Friday, April 13th Educational & Outreach Event at Riverside Church in NYC, 7pm

Join us and help build for April 24 OCCUPY THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT - Get your free bus tickets to go to Washington D.C. this Friday at 7pm at Riverside Church

Support the Pelican Bay Hunger Strike

“The Mis-Incarceration of Lynne Stewart”

The Mis-incarceration of Attorney Lynne Stewart People’s Attorney Lynne Stewart of New York City was taken into custody on November 19, 2009. Stewart was convicted of providing information to her client who was falsely accused of terrorism. Originally uploaded by

Support Sundiata Acoli

PETITION/SAMPLE LETTER FOR SUNDIATA ACOLI PAROLE! PLEASE FORWARD AND REPOST FAR AND WIDE From: The Sundiata Acoli Freedom Campaign ————————— Greetings: Please show your support for the release of Sundiata Acoli by sending a letter to the NJ

“The War Before” by Safiya Bukhari

List Price:$15.95 FP Price:$9.57 Available as e-book on: Kindle Kobo Safiya Bukhari more about this author Laura Whitehorn more about this author The War Before The True Life Story of Becoming a Black Panther, Keeping the Faith in Prison, &