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Mumia Speaks to the Rosa-Luxemburg Conference in Berlin, Germany

Video featuring Goldi (Mumia's Daughter) and Frances Goldin.

British Union Announces Support For Mumia

THe National Union of Rail Maritime and Transport Workers support Mumia!

Mumia Supporters meet with Guadeloupe and Haiti Activists

August 23, 2011, Harlem, Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition joined Guadeloupe-Haiti US Tour Committee in hosting delegation from Guadeloupe and Haiti to petition UN to remove UN-Minustah occupation troops from Haiti

International Protests for Mumia on Dec. 9

People all over the world protested on December 9, 2011 to commemorate the 30th year of Mumia's incarceration

“Freedom Road” Remembers 30 Years of Struggle

Song and slideshow commemorating 30 years on death row

Hundreds Gather in Martinique for Mumia

On December 4th an event for Mumia was held in Martinique. The film "In Prison My Whole Life" was aired.