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Munich, Germany Resolution on Mumia Abu-Jamal

SPD (Social-Democratic Party) – Parliamentary Group Alliance 90/The Greens/Pink List – Parliamentary Group FDP (Liberal-Democratic Party) – Parliamentary Group Die LINKE (Left Party) – Parliamentary Group Resolution on the Occasion of the Full Meeting of the Munich City Council –

Partial List of Supporters of Mumia

INDIVIDUALS AND ORGANIZATIONS Yuri Kochiyama, legendary Asian-American activist, political prisoner advocate James McIntosh, M.D., Committee to Eliminate Media Offensive to African People Ruby Dee, actress, human rights activist, widow of actor, human rights activist, and longtime Mumia supporter, Ossie Davis

Cynthia McKinney Sends Letter to Dep. Of Justice for Mumia

Mr. Eric Holder United States Attorney General US Department of Justice Washington, DCJune 19, 2009 Attorney General Holder: I am writing to ask for your personal and immediate intervention to put an end to a grave injustice.  Anyone who has

Charles Rangel Sends Letter to Dep. Of Justice for Mumia

NAACP Approves Emergency Resolution in Support of Mumia

The NAACP approved a resolution at its centennial convention in July 2009 calling on the US Department of Justice to investigate civil rights violations in the Abu-Jamal case...

Confidential Memo Leaked “Throwing Mumia Under The Bus”

Educators for MAJ Respond: CONFIDENTIAL MEMORANDUM to ECPM from the US members of the Steering Committee of the WCADP Involvement of Mumia Abu-Jamal endangers the US coalition for abolition of the death penalty ECPM has unilaterally, and over objection,