Thursday June 1:  Report Back Forum on the Recent Important Mumia Movement Victories and the 3-Day Historic MOVE Conference.

At 147 W 24th St. in New York City, 6-9pm.

Pam Africa will give a report on the recent important victories for the Mumia Movement and Ramona Africa will speak on the 3-Day Historic MOVE Conference on May 5-7.

Bob Boyle will address the victories on the medical front in terms of Mumia’s receiving the Hep C cure after a two year struggle.  Rachel Wolkenstein will address the legal challenge to Mumia’s conviction that was opened on April 24, and on which  the Commonwealth Judge granted discovery. If won, the entire PA Supreme Court Appeals process would be voided and a new trial or Mumia’s release could be granted..

Esperanza will comment on the May 17 release of our beloved revolutionary comrade Oscar Lopez Rivera from incarceration.

Strategy for the future will be discussed.  COME WITH YOUR QUESTIONS AND IDEAS.

Ona Move!

This is a link to the flyer for this event on June 1st.

For more information: (212) 633-6646 & (212) 927-2924