Free Mumia movement and Internationalism: Haiti



“Several months ago, Mumia, Pam, and I agreed that we would like to thank the Haitian people – in particular, a workers organization and its leader, Fignole St. Cyr – for their strong expressions of solidarity with Mumia and the political prisoner movement.
The Haitian workers organization had secured 100,000 petition signatures during our 2000 campaign demanding a civil rights investigation of Mumia’s case by the US Justice Department. In 2008, during a subsequent campaign to force action by the US Justice Department, Fignole St. Cyr joined us in Washington DC at a press conference and rally. The support and solidarity of the Haitian people throughout Mumia’a struggle is particularly striking given that Haiti has been under such vicious and constant attack, and suffered such exploitation by the imperialist powers.
In appreciation and in solidarity, we decided to travel to Haiti to join the international struggle to end the MINUSTAH (US/UN troops) occupation of Haiti. We also support the demand for reparations as a result of the cholera epidemic which UN troops have imposed on Haiti, causing horrendous human devastation (16,000 deaths and hundreds of thousands of people infected).”

 – Suzanne Ross (ICFFMAJ)

At the end of May, Suzanne Ross, representing International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal (ICFFMAJ) and Nellie Bailey of the Guadeloupe Haiti Tour Committee (GHTC) attended a conference in Haiti demanding an end the MINUSTAH (US/UN troops) occupation of Haiti. Most of the pictures below were taken at this conference.
The following week, on June 9th, Suzanne presented at a related workshop at the Left Forum in New York City entitled “The Free Mumia Movement: Its International Work, Internationalism, and Building an Anti-imperialist Movement’. Senator Moise Jean-Charles and Fignole St. Cyr, both from the Haiti conference, joined us in presenting at that workshop.
The final picture at the bottom of the page is from the Left Forum workshop. A YouTube video of the workshop is also provided below allowing you to experience a soulful and passionate discussion of the issues involved with participants from Haiti, Venezuela, and Algeria; Russell Maroon Shoats’ daughter and other movement and Mumia supporters from around the world.


May 31 – June 1
Haiti Conference to Oust the US-controlled UN Occupying Troops




Suzanne Ross (ICFFMAJ) speaking at the podium.
Nellie Bailey (GHTC) beside her.




Outdoor rally in Haiti




Suzanne Ross (ICFFMAJ) and Nellie Bailey (GHTC) speaking at the outdoor rally.




A UN occupation force truck in Haiti




A young Haitian looking into our car




Suzanne Ross with Senator Moise Jean-Charles




June 9
Left Forum Workshop
“The Free Mumia Movement:
Its International Work, Internationalism, and
Building an Anti-imperialist Movement”

Fatima (Algeria), Colia Clark (GHTC), Ray LaForest
Fignole St. Cyr (head of Haitian Autonomous Workers Unions)
Pam Africa, Senator Moise St. Charles (leader in anti-Ministuh struggle)
Theresa Shoatz, Suzanne Ross, Sister Effia
Front row: William Camacaro (Bolivarian Circle)
Isabelle Ross-Rivera, Fatima’s son




Embedded video of workshop:


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Free Mumia Movement and Internationalism