Friday, April 13th Educational & Outreach Event at Riverside Church in NYC, 7pm

Join us and help build for April 24 OCCUPY THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT – Get your free bus tickets to go to Washington D.C. this Friday at 7pm at Riverside Church, Claremont Ave. 1 block West of Broadway, between 120th Street and 122Street) Tower 20, NYC

($10 deposit required to hold your spot on the bus! Money will be returned when you arrive in the morning.)

Join Suzanne Ross, Esperanza Martell and the Free Mumia Coalition to:

-Hear an update on legal situation of Mumia’s case with Attorney Rachel Wolkenstein
-A presentation on the rampant attacks o the Muslim community by Imam Al-Hajj Talib’Abdur-Rashid, President, The Islamic Leadership Council of Metropolitan NY
-Lillie Howard, Jazz Singer and long time activist fighting police brutality and racism in Newburgh, NJ, where she lost her son to such violence