US Constitution Center: Dec 9th, 2011

As of 12/22/11, from “the hole” in Frackville, PA Mumia sends his congratulations to “the people for comin’ out in the cold, chilly, crazy-ass Philly air” to Dec. 9th’s event.

(Cornel West delivering keynote address
courtesy of Adele Pham)

(Desmond Tutu’s statement for the event)

(Amiri Baraka courtesy of Adele Pham)

(Ramona Africa)

(Michael Coard)

(Immortal Technique)

(Goldii, Mumia’s daughter recites “Trap Doors”
courtesy of Adele Pham)

(Marc Lamont Hill)  CLICK HERE to listen to Marc Lamont Hill’s speech

Immortal Technique and Cornel West

Ramona Africa and Cornel West

Marc Lamont Hill and Immortal Technique

Suzanne Ross and Cornel West

Immortal Technique

The following photos courtesy of Mark Ah:
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