Statement from Venezuelan Assembly Rep on Mumia

Statement read by Braulio Alvarez, long time farmer activist, now  member of the Venezuelan Assembly (equivalent to Parliament or Congress) to the December 6th International Day of Solidarity to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal rally in Philadelphia (2008)…

Braulio Alvarez, a member of the Venezuelan parliament and leader of the farmers struggle in Venezuela.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Receive from us our spiritual love and our spiritual strength for all of you fighting for the struggle.  We have decided to go the American embassy in Caracas to hand to the ambassador a letter to the governor of Pennsylvania, demanding that he immediately liberate Mumia Abu-Jamal.

We believe that the next U. S. president should follow the example of President Chavez, who has liberated over 130 members of the paramilitary who came from Colombia and were captured in Caracas, many of whom were involved in the coup to overthrow the Chavez government.  The people with less or no proof of innocence have been liberated in Venezuela.  Why then not in the United States for our brother Mumia?  And because of the people United States are fighting for the struggle, we know that Mumia shall be free soon.

On behalf of the farmers, of all the campesinos of Venezuela, on behalf of all the brothers and sisters of Venezuela, we know we shall win along -side of you.

Long live the people’s revolution on a world- wide scale!  Long live the people’s struggles!